Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What I did on my Summer Vacation

So I think I'm "over" the MySpace photoblogging thing. I just felt to much like a comment whore. Getting useful constructive comments were becoming fewer & far between. I'm not knocking it but I'm thinking that it was probably time to move on.

W/ this blogging site, I'm HOPING to narrow the focus on whatever I'm blathering about whereas I used to do to have it being a laundry list of the sets I'd shoot.

I'm not sure how well its going to work about but I'm going to give it a try.


This here is my super-smart former classmate & good friend Kate. She's currently going to Binghamton & getting her Masters in Art History w/ (I believe, so don't quote me) a concentration on Early Christian art.

This past summer, she graciously invited me to her place in Western NY. I used her place as a base of operations while there squeezing in a few other shoots.

We had a grand ol' time...well, grand ol' by my low-key standards. It was definately refreshing to get out of Glens Falls for awhile. I just feel sometimes that its very confining. Its like, I'm perfectly fine w/ doing nothing but at the same time it makes me go completely stir crazy. I need to be doing SOMETHING whether its taking a walk daily or playing w/ my camera or reading a book outside. I love the area but I'm convinced I'm at that point where I kinda need to leave it again. I'm just trying to figure out how.

Anyways, back to the aforementioned Western NY trip. She & her family are based out in Sodus. The town itself is extremely rural but not quite 1-street & you'll miss it kinda towns...but close to it.

Lots of farm country, specifically lots & lots of apple orchards. I remember seeing a lot of cornfields as well. Course it could have been wheat fields & I would not have known the difference.

Got to see again her sweet, black lab Lilly. It was nice being able to play w/ a big dog again. Callie, the family's own Skiperkie (I probably butchered that spelling), is loveable but you kinda have to watch how rough you play w/ her.

Got to spend some time around Lake Ontario, being hypnotized by the crashing of the waves. That sentientment seems to reoccur in my life for some reasons.

I got a number of images of Kate but this one is in my opinion the keeper.


I missed it the first time during my look-through but Kate liked it during hers. Its kinda grown on me quite a bit.

We also shot in her Dad's church. She, or was it someone else, wanted to do it during a previous session but it never materialized, mainly because I balked. Its one thing to play games & suffer the ramifications involving the State but you do not mess w/ God. Maybe its the Catholic guilt thing but that's just how I am.

Anyway, Kate & I spent a couple hours in the church & presto! Went on our merry way.