Friday, July 20, 2012

Paperless Employment Applications

Its not a secret that photography is something I do in my spare time. I've been searching for a 2nd day-job to simply keep me busy because the hours at day-job #1 alone, simply isn't cutting it.

The paperless application process is a headache because nothing ever goes smoothly.

The following is a recent conversation I had at a local, half-way respectable, chain eatery.

Me: I wanted to talk about what kind of positions you have available.
Manager: You'd have to go online. Its all there.
Me: I suspected as much & when I tried before coming in, it gave me an error message. Would you mind taking a look at my resume?
Manager: All employment opportunities go through the system. That's how its done now.
Me: If the system isn't working or someone is having problems, how do you suggest they rectify the problem or who would I talk to for help?
Manager: You'd have to go online & it'll point you in the right direction.
Me: I actually tried looking but I couldn't find any contact info or anything. Do you have any suggestions.
(Manager hands me a card that informs people how to do the online employment application. The same online application process that was giving me errors.)

Then there's another chain store who's manager even admits that he's had multiple complaints from prospective employees that their computer system (which of course has to be done at home because the store itself doesn't have an employment kiosk) kicks people out before they're able to complete the process.

Then there are those god-awful personality quizzes that go on, & on, & on. One establishment asked me over 150 different scenarios. "What would you do if you saw a coworker take money from the register but you knew he'd repay it later that week?" Or those mind-numbing "do you seriously disagree, disagree, no opinion, agree, or seriously agree w/ (the following statement)?" I never really know how to answer ANY of them. Whatever happened to just common sense or someone who either has the experience you're looking for &/or someone who is ready & willing to work? Has that become a thing of the past?

Then there are multiple establishments that want you to use 3 capital letters, 2 numbers, a nonalpha-numeric character, & needs to be 14 letters long. Do they really expect people to remember that stuff for every place they apply to?

Then there's the manager who said she hates the new corporate paperless policy because in a sea of apps, they all start looking the same. It also makes it harder to match the name to a face. She went on to mention, she doesn't see the point of it because the same corporate policy requires her to print out those same job applications once they come through the system.

Keep in mind these are all business that are actively looking for help.

Its a passive-aggressive way to ignore people because companies have become lazy & simply don't want to take the time. Its a lot easier to blow someone off if you never have to look them in the eye.

In other news...

The following is of Ally taken in Albany, NY's Washington Park.


Its also a piece currently being exhibited in the North Country Art Center's 2nd Annual Juried Photography show being held at Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls during the month of July. Y'all should go check it out because there's a lot of really nice work besides my own.

Although "Untitled" is a perfectly acceptable piece, I'm open to hearing title suggestions. The best I could come up w/ was "Morning Sunlight" or something like that.