Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the Donald Duck Paradox

I feel like discussing something irreverent today, specifically phenomenon known as "the Donald Duck paradox".

Ever notice that when Donald Duck is depicted, he's always wearing his sailor shirt, the scarf, & cap but no pants. Ok, I get it. He's a cartoon character & has no need for pants. Chewbacca from Star Wars is sorta the same way.

YET whenever Donald's depicted coming out of the bathroom, he always has a towel around his bottom.

What are the perverts at Disney trying to tell us?!


You can thank my friend Melissa for illuminating me on this most disturbing issue.

In other news...

I recently shot a dear friend's wedding & am inspired to post this keeper from a completely separate wedding from a couple years ago. This is Shiloh doing the bridal bouquet toss.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the It Gets Better Project

Last month, I blathered about the Spirit Day efforts & their campaign to raise awareness about the uncomfortably high suicide rates w/n the LGBTA community.

In that particular blog I discussed the sense of isolation which is a contributing factor on why many people feel compelled to take their own life. The It Gets Better Project combats this angle.

They aim to provide an example to the LGBTA community that, no, you are not alone in this world. It also provides testimonials, a searchable events section by area code, a gift shop (that sorta acts as a suicide prevention hot line fundraiser), ways to contribute. Most importantly, it offers a phone number to a suicide prevention hot line through one of their partners.

Thank Stephen Colbert's 29 Nov interview of project founder Dan Savage for tipping me off. An interview clip is below:

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This is something I can get behind. It thinks through what can be done AFTER the day ends when we show solidarity, solidarity, solidarity for the LGBTA community.

In other news...

This here is Julie participating in my Abandonment project.

Weather'wise the day was absolute crap. I consider myself lucky we got even this but it certainly made it interesting. I'm pleased what I got though.


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