Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eagle Scout Award Turn-In

Its no secret this blog is a supporter of gay marriage & equal rights under the law. You can read the original entry where we make our case here if it floats your fancy:


W/ the nature of the internet where anything can be found if one looks hard enough (or wastes enough time), I found a Tumblr site dedicated to Eagle Scouts turning in their awards in protest to the Boy Scouts of America's discrimination policy against gays. BSA will not accept gay Scoutmasters, nor Scouts themselves who are openly gay.

Supposedly its about youth protection but for the life of me, I don't see why an adult guy liking another adult guy or (in the case of 2000 Supreme Court case Dale v BSA) an adult girl liking another adult girl is a threat to the health & well-being of young boys. Nor am I understanding how a person's sexual orientation violates the Scout Law (trustworthy, loyal, friendly, helpful, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, & reverent).

The Scout Oath also asks its members to be "morally straight". How can a person be morally straight if they have to lie about who they are? This makes no sense to me.

I don't expect it to. To quote Aesop, "A tyrant will always find ways to justify their own tyranny." Its the same w/ bigots. Just examine how the up-standing religious community in the South justified the existence of both slavery & Jim Crow.

The Boy Scouts of America I knew was more focused on providing good mentors (some of whom REALLY need it) as well focusing on being good citizens. My troop was like a 2nd family, providing a haven of sorts for the utterly depressing days of both my middle & high school life. My Scoutmaster to this day still feels like a 2nd father. My love of the outdoors grew from my many camping trips & hikes. The Boy Scouts of America that I currently see seems more about protecting its bank accounts & fundraising streams (75% of their national donations originate from Utah).

As an Eagle Scout myself, I've thought about getting involved again but simply haven't. I'd be lying if the reasons were based on upholding some great moral principle. I struggle w/ whether if by becoming a mentor at the local level if I'd be condoning the objectionable policies as set forth by higher headquarters. Since I don't want to deal quandrey one way or the other, I choose not to participate.

I don't remotely plan on turning in the Eagle Scout Award, the awardt I worked my ass off to earn, but I can certainly see why others do. This makes me sad.

In other news...

This is Amy.

I was blessed in being taken to shooting at her childhood escape as part of my ongoing Abandonment series. When we got there, it was burnt to the ground. Literally. This is what's left.


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